Vacaville Unified

New Sites to the VUSD Web Index

MobyMax - Adaptive curriculum. This link is for Vaca Pena students.

Cockroach Math - Wipe out pesky cockroaches using slope-intercept formula.

Graphite - a free search tool from Common Sense Media for finding the best apps and websites. Filters are available for type, grade, subject, and more.

DragonBox2 - from Requires login.

XtraMath - A free, personalized math site for for kids. Teachers and parents can create logins for students, and then run reports. - Games and more for practicing multiplication

Temperature Guide for Kids - Information and links to sites about measuring temperature.

Math Games: Creature Capture and Treefrog Treasure being tested by Vaca Pena students.

Math Worksheets Land - Tons of printable math worksheets for all grade levels, organized by topic and grade level. Created by a 30-year veteran teacher.

About the Human Body System - Many links for students, grouped by the body systems.

Online Schools Directory - A list of universities across the county that offer online courses.

Holidays around the World - Links to sites showing how other nations celebrate, from

The Scale of the Universe - Interactive web site showing relative sizes - from entire galaxies to the tiniest particles.

Web Index Volcano links - new sites have been added to our page of volcano links under the Science heading

FlashFace - Web-based program for building police-style face sketch (men only.)

Fossil Fuels and Oil - Fossil fuels come from a lot more than just dead dinosaurs. This site has plenty of links to sites about coal, oil, and formation of other fossil fuels.

Math Open References - a free online reference for geometry featuring animated and interactive drawings to demonstrate geometry terms and concepts. - on-screen math drill and practice for Pre-K through grade 8 and algebra. Problems can be selected based on state standards.

GraphWords - a visual thesaurus that creates a word web that is interactive. Word webs can be saved as graphics.

JetPunk Quizzes - Timed on-screen quizzes in various categories - many just for fun and many related to school topics such as world geography.

SLIMEkids - features a collection of book trailers (videos) and language-arts related activities. SLIMEkids is an acronym for School LIbrary MEdia KIDS.

WWW link Holidays Around the World - A list of major holidays with links to fact pages on each.

WWW link Guide to Writing 5-Paragraph Essay - High School level resources.

Learn Your Tables - a quick and easy way to review multiplication tables

WWW link is an intereactive timeline creator that can include uploaded images and audio.

WWW link Spelling Rules Resource - A handy list of links to sites with spelling games, rules, guidelines and more.

WWW link Hub for Teachers - Discovery Education's new site to help teachers inspire budding writers.

WWW link TWurdy - Since many web sites are "Too-Wordy" here's a new search engine from Google that ranks sites based on readability, from simplest to most difficult. Three options for searching are offered depending on speed and accuraccy needed.

WWW link - free worksheets, games, and quizzes organized by grades and topics.

WWW link Online Education of World Holidays - list of major holidays with links to sites and activities.

WWW link Phil Tulga's Music and Curriculum: Activities and arts integration lessons connecting music to reading, math and science -

WWW link Time Maps - Interactive timelines dating back 5,000+ years, tied to cultures and maps of the world. The result is combined with encyclopedia entries to present a unique view of civiliations.

WWW link Chrome Printers - District-wide Google Cloud Printers