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Online Games and Worksheets

Cockroach Math - wipe out pesky cockroaches crawling across your graph by using slope-intercept form to aim a laser at them.

DragonBox2 - from Requires login.

XtraMath - A free, personalized math site for for kids. Teachers and parents can create logins for students, and then run reports. - Games and more for practicing multiplication

Math Games: Creature Capture and Treefrog Treasure being tested by Vaca Pena students.

Math Worksheets Land - Math worksheets for all ages, in easy-to-print pdf format. Files are organized by math topics and grade levels. Very nicely done.

Math Open References - a free online reference for geometry featuring animated and interactive drawings to demonstrate geometry terms and concepts. - on-screen math drill and practice for Pre-K through grade 8 and algebra. Problems can be selected based on state standards.

Learn Your Tables - a quick and easy way to review multiplication tables

That Quiz - online math problems. Log in as a guest if your teacher has not set up a class

WWW link Sum Dog - Math games on various levels and strands played in arcade game style.

WWW link Test prep and Brain Teasers - Houghton Mifflin Math textbook quizzes for each grade level and book chapter.

SoftSchools Math - games and worksheets for grades 1-8. - Online problems broken down by grade level.

WWW linkKidsNumbers a math resource designed by teachers, specifically for students all ages to practice all aspects of math, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, in a fun and pressure-free way.

WWW link KidsClick link to More Math Games online

WWW link APlus Math - online math games.

WWW link APlus Math - online flash card drills.

Other Math Resources

MobyMax - Adaptive curriculum. This link is for Vaca Pena students.

WWW link Musical Fractions Activities and arts integration lessons connecting music to reading, math and science -

WWW linkAlgebasics - online mathematics instructional resource that takes young and old alike through the basics of algebra. The breadth of the material is divided into sixteen sections, which begin with, "the basics," and proceed all the way to a section on applying algebra to real-world situations.

WWW linkThe Math Forum Student Center - includes "Ask Dr. Math, puzzles, tools, tips and more. Categorized by age level, from grade 1 to college age.

WWW linkTopics in Mathematics -- Math Archives -- You will find just about any kind of math here

WWW linkThe Geometry Junkyard -A list of web sites and lesson plans all about geometry.

WWW linkMath Index -- A terrific index of math terms from George Mason University

WWW linkMathWorld - Bills itself as "the web's most extensive mathematics resource."

 WWW gifSchoolHouse Rock - Lyrics from the ABC television series including songs from "Multiplication Rock"

WWW linkFrank Potter's Science Gems - Mathematics -Another site listing other web sites on math, broken down by grade and strand.

WWW link KidsClick Math sites - KidsClick is a list of recommended sites. Their math area has links to Math (General) Math Games, Math Problems, History of Math, Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Measurement, and Numbers.