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Earth Science: Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Earthquakes and Earth's Plates

KidsGeo Geology - A virtual textbook on geology with chapters on soil, landforms, earth's interior, erosion, etc.

USGS Earthquakes for Kids - Activities, games, photos, latest quakes, cool facts, science fair ideas, and more from the US Geological Survey.

Continental Drift - from Nova

Natural Disaster Preparedness - Links to sites telling what to do in case of earthquake, volcano, and other natural disasters.

Current Seismic Events page lists seismic events that have occurred within the last 30 days.

California Earthquakes A U.S. Geological Survey website showing a map of our state's most recent quake activity.


Discovery Kids Volcano Explorer - An interactive guide with information.

Interactives - Volcanoes Activities from

document Mt. Lassen information
document Mt. St. Helens information

Volcanoes Online - A student primer on what a volcano is, how they are formed, and how eruptions effect us all. Includes links to other volcano sites.

Volcano Photo Glossary - Volcano terms defined in pictures and words, including types of volcanoes, types of eruptions, and more.

Effects of volcanoes - A page from USGS including volcano types, locations, and lists of deadliest volcanoes.

Volcano Facts for Kids - Easy to read information and links to other sites

Volcano World - everything you could want to know about volcanoes! Includes facts, pictures, movies, currently erupting volcanoes, and more.

Fallout: Eye of the Volcano - learn what forces inside the Earth come together to create volcanoes