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General Social Studies Links

JetPunk Geography Quizzes - Timed on-screen quizzes. Very fun!

WWW link is an intereactive timeline creator that can include uploaded images and audio.

National Geographic Kids Page- Games, animals, photos, stories and more.

WWW link Governor Schwarzenneger Home Page

WWW link POPULATIONS from World Almanac for Kids - Lists of the largest cities, states, countries, and more -- great for making graphs, averages, etc.

WWW link Timeline of the WEST on

WWW link Info-Please Kids Almanac Timeline of Historical Events.

WWW link History of Today - Click on a Calendar day of the year (such as your birthday) and find out what happened on that date down through the ages.

WWW link Timeline of Food - When was gum invented and where can I find a good recipe from Columbus' time?

WWW link Harcourt Brace - our NEW Social Studies Text

WWW linkThis Day in History - from the History Channel website. Find out what happened on this day in history or what happened in history the day you were born.

WWW linkNational Geographic home page

WWW linkWelcome to the White House

WWW linkU.S. Census Statistics online for any City

WWW link San Francisco Museums - search for a wide variety of artwork on this website that looks at MANY of the museums in the Bay Area.